Questionnaire creation

  • Management dashboards, visual designer
  • Grid Wizard creates beautiful sets of multiple questions
  • Matrix Wizard creates attractive sets of Likert scales
  • Standard question types: choose one, choose many, radio buttons, check boxes, drop downs; single and multiple edit fields
  • Advanced question types: elastic text fields, validated fields, multi-column layouts; date, email, numeric fields, and create your own
  • Question libraries for reusing sets of questions
  • Single page polls, multiple page surveys, and branching to and around pages
  • Question numbering and help text
  • Custom branding and look and feel
  • Script language for validation, scoring, calculation, branching
  • Question piping from one page to another
  • Lookup related values in databases, such as profiles
  • Randomize answers and questions
  • Multi-lingual questionnaires, any language
  • Section 508, WCAG level 2 accessibility compliance


Identity management

  • Anonymous respondents with cookies, sessions and captcha
  • Authenticate respondents with J2EE single sign-on, Windows authentication, LDAP, or custom systems
  • Restrict participation using Invite Lists, defined by LDAP queries, database table lookups and CSV files
  • Send e-mail invitations and reminders
  • Role-based application access rights using Single Sign On
  • Grant users and groups authorization to create questionnaires, publish them, review data and analyze data


Data retrieval and analysis

  • Retrieve, filter, browse and sort data in browser and Excel
  • Univariate and 3 way cross tabulation analysis with charts
  • Review partially completed responses
  • Revise already entered data


Integration and deployment

  • Embed in web sites with iframes and JSPs
  • iPad surveys
  • Present as intercept, entry, and exit surveys
  • Users publish questionnaires without IT intervention
  • Reusable architecture
  • Published customization APIs
  • Cluster ready