The ViewsFlash Survey Portlet embeds the full functionality of the ViewsFlash application in JSR-168 compatible portals.

Like ViewsFlash, it is used for creating surveys, forms, assessments, polls and quizzes. It adds the following portlet specific features:

  • Embed simple polls in a portal page and automatically display the scheduled poll at a given time of day
  • Embed a long questionnaire in a portal page or display a link to it and fill it out in maximized mode
  • Provide localized portlet messages in the appropriate language when doing multi-language questionnaires
  • Inviting different participants to fill out different forms, and display a dynamic list of those that they are elegible for in the portlet. Optionally, email invitations.
  • Multiple independent portlet instances on different pages can use any of the behaviors listed above
  • Portlet status messages for common conditions built in: already completed, no questionnaire scheduled
  • User and application authentication use Portal single-sign-on
  • And all the standard ViewsFlash features


The Cogix ViewsFlash Survey portlet is certified on: