ViewsFlash software pricing

The ViewsFlash software is licensed on a per CPU basis, regardless of the number of users, questionnaire authors, or participants.

To get a quotation, please estimate the production server and cluster configuration and the non-production ( development, testing, staging) servers. Pricing depends on these factors, as described in the License Terms

For each server, ascertain the type of CPU, the number of cores per CPU, and the number of CPUs .

Examples: One CPU Dell server is Intel, one core, 2 CPUs. Two single CPU Quad core Xeon servers are Intel, four cores, two CPUs. One Sun T2000 server with one T1 8-Core processor is Sun T2, eight cores, one CPU.

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ViewsFlash SaaS hosted service

Rather than deploy ViewsFlash on your company's servers, use our data center. Pricing is based only on volume, rather than number of users. Call or email for further information.