ViewsFlash is a standard Java Web Application that runs on any Java 8,11,17 platform that supports the Servlet v2.3 specification.
Its JSR168 compatible survey portlet requires a JSR168 certified portal.

Hardware: Intel X86, Sun Sparc, System X, System i, System p, HP/UX, RS/6000, Apple
Operating Systems
: Redhat Linux, SUSE Linux, Windows XP, Windows Server, Solaris, AIX, HP/UX, OS/X
Application Servers
: Weblogic 11,12,13, WebSphere 7,8,9 Oracle ,10iAS, Tomcat 6,7,8,9 JBoss 7
Databases: Oracle 9 through 21, DB/2 Universal, MySQL 5, MSSQL 2008 through 2019, MySql 5 and 8
WebSphere Portal 8,9,9.5, Liferay Portal 6, 7

Hardware Requirements

A server with a contemporary CPU, 1024MB RAM and 10GB of disk storage will provide sufficient capacity for many installations. CPU and database power are the limiting components. Cluster configurations are recommended for scalability and availability.

Software Requirements

A Servlet v2.3 compliant application server from the lists above. Full application servers such as IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, JBoss or Tomcat host ViewsFlash well. Jakarta EE9 with changed namespaces is not supported.

Performance Considerations

ViewsFlash is designed from the ground up for maximum reliability and performance. It is written as a thread-safe, multithreaded servlet. For performance, computations are carried out entirely in main memory. All HTML is composed in main memory as well, and the connection to the visitor's browser maintains a keep-alive connection.

The main factor affecting performance is CPU speed and availability. On a single-processor 333 MHz Pentium-II PC, using the components listed above, and allocating 64M of RAM to the VM running web applications, we have benchmarked ViewsFlash running consistently, without memory leaks, at 30 page views per second, or 33 ms. turnaround time, including the time required to send all information back to the client browser, on a 10 megabit local area network. CPU utilization averaged 80%. Peak traffic of 30 page views per second is consistent with traffic of over half a million page views per day.

For complete information on scalability, refer to Architecture.